What's the haps, buttercaps?

Tim Minchin - Pope Song 

If you’re religious, especially Catholic, avoid this video. Also wait for him to get past the first flurry of ‘fuck the motherfucker’ and you’ll get to actual lyrics.

Just saw this on the Jonathan Ross Show. Now downloading the only stuff she released during 2012. (This was recording during ‘12.)


Somebody has the cancelled Bonk game ⊟

YouTube user “Bonk Brink” (via Dtoid) posted this offscreen video of Bonk: Brink of Extinction, the WiiWare/PS3/XBLA game that Hudson cancelled a few years back. Which means that somebody out there has it.

Which means that somebody out there can hook me up.

I heard this particular Bonk game wasn’t perfect, but I was really looking forward to it! I love Bonk. I actually love Hudson in general, and I was on board with latter-day Hudson, before… the end…


The world needs more Bonk.